Sea freight

Across the high seas – with proper packaging!

Packaging systems and crates for transport on the high seas have to be robust, stabile and secure. In order to achieve these standards we produce for you export packaging systems in which you can safely transport and ship machines, equipment and other goods of every type and size. If you are shipping objects that are particularly sensitive to concussions, we will build specially-customised swinging under-carriages and requisite special constructions into the crate. For preservation of materials we use aluminium composite films, PE films, drying agents as well as VCI films and VCI dispensers. Your professionally packed shipment can be monitored by means of special sensors for detecting concussions and tilting and measuring temperature and humidity.
The packaging systems and crates specially customised for your goods are laid out for the demands that will be placed on them during shipment and storage and guarantee the highest level of protection for your goods. In addition to taking account of the requirements for your transport goods, we follow the HPE Packaging Guidelines during the design and manufacture of the crates.

All packaging is selected and prepared in accordance with the national import regulations of the respective destination countries.

To be on the safe side, we offer the following to assure secure transport by sea:

  • robust, stable packaging that secures the greatest possible protection for your goods
  • production of the crates with consideration for various key-factors
  • processing according to the HPE Packaging Guidelines




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