Container stowage

Stowage and loading precautions in sea containers!

Enclosed loading spaces, containers, represent an additional possibility for packaging and delivery. We are able to stow goods of all sorts in a fashion that is container-compatible, so that your goods are able to reach their destination safely and undamaged. Depending on the customer's request, we can stow the goods in either a loose or packaged state. In cases of pre-packaging into boxes, wooden crates, containers or corrugated boxes, we are available for thorough consultation according to your wishes. We also place high priority on the preservation of transported goods and can offer several variations, the implementation thereof being individually tailored to each shipment.

For safe container packaging across the high seas, we can offer the following just to be safe:

  • container-compatible stowage and protection of the load
  • professional support when prepackaging is required
  • Thorough consultations and much more



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