You would like to package your goods yourself but require packaging materials? You can get from us what your goods require. We would be glad to accept your order.

Packaging materials
We offer a large selection of packaging materials so that your valuable goods will definitely be protected.

You can get all kinds of packaging accessories from us such as tie-down straps for load safety, air cushion packaging, PE films, drying agents, adhesive tape, concussion, tilt and humidity detectors, ventilation plates, script templates, packaging documentation covers.

Aluminium-bond film
If warehousing duration of up to one year is expected, we recommend the utilization of aluminium-bond film. These are available in a roll or as a custom-cut aluminium cover.

VCI film
VCI film (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) and VCI dispensers preclude the need for complicated dry preservation. To protect steel, iron and non-ferrous metals a gaseous anti-corrosion agent is used. VCI film is, however, can only be used under certain conditions.

PE foam
In order to protect the packaged goods as roll and plate goods, PE foam is available in various formats and strengths.

We can also deliver to you script templates made of oiled-cardboard according to your text specifications. This includes warning signs, instructions, your company logo, etc.



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