Art transport

Safely to its destination!

Safe and careful transport of art objects, paintings, sculptures and installations is indispensable for us. Whether it is a one-off transports, transport of a collection within Germany or Europe, or shipments abroad – with us your artwork will arrive safely at its destination! Our air-suspension and acclimatised vehicles are specially equipped for art transport and our drivers are specialised in this area. We also have an established network of competent partner enterprises abroad. In this manner we are also able to ship your artworks worldwide, but always according to this motto: dependably, competently and safely.

To assure safe transport of your art objects, we can offer you, for safety's sake:

  • careful, safe and punctual transport
  • individual transport (one-off)
  • transport of secondary loads
  • shipments abroad and from overseas
  • collaboration with competent partners in other countries


Transport logistics
Erich Quennet
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