Packaging for artworks

If artworks are to be sent, they require substantial packaging!

For both transport as well as storage of your art objects, we can offer you an all-round protective package with our individual options for packaging – because each object requires its own unique and optimal protection! In our in-house carpentry workshop, our competent specialists design and fashion the best-possible packaging, thus guaranteeing preservation of the artworks. This is the only way that we can be assured that your object is protected! Corrugated boxes, protective packaging as well as transport crates, museum crates and acclimatised crates – we will build what you need and package your artworks and fragile objects according to the best professional practices and proper dimensions. We apply the most modern preservation techniques within the packaging-industry sector in order to be able to provide you with ultimate protection for your object. We can offer manifold possibilities in this regard and advise you in reference to optimal protection for your piece of art.

To assure safe packaging for your artworks, we can offer you the following:

  • individual consultation for optimal protection of your art objects
  • trained and competent professionals
  • corrugated and protective packaging systems
  • individualised crate production in our in-house carpentry workshop


Transport logistics
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