Storage of artworks

Your art is in safe hands with us!

ENo matter whether you trust us with your paintings, sculptures or installations for storage, your objects are in safe hands with us. We can offer you optimal conditions in our acclimatised and alarm-equipped storage rooms– your art objects are also protected in our storage facilities from fire and water damage, too. We provide several options for storage – in addition to our large-hall collective storage space, we also offer lockable cabinets and crates with dimensions from 2.5 m3 to 10 m3for the warehousing of art objects of all kinds. In addition to a showroom with natural light, we can also place at your disposal our workroom for conservation tasks.

To assure safekeeping, we can warehouse your art objects with the following options, for safety's sake:

  • optimal conditions in our acclimatised and alarm-equipped storage facility
  • large-hall collective storage space
  • individual crates
  • lockable cabinets
  • showroom and workroom


Transport logistics
Erich Quennet
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