Air freight

Up into the skies and safely back down again!

If a shipment is to be loaded onto an airplane, the highest level of safety precautions must be established beforehand. Safety precautions involve particularly the packaging itself, since there is only one special encasement system that is able to assure a landing on the ground without damage. The air-freight crate specially developed for these requirements offers an extremely stable packaging system with the lowest possible fixed weight to give you worry-free air transport. Goods of all kinds can be transported without a care in our special air-freight crate. We use aluminium composite films, PE films, drying agents as well as VCI films and VCI dispensers to keep objects dry en transport. Your professionally packed shipment can be monitored by means of special sensors for detecting concussions and tilting and measuring temperature and humidity..
All our packaging is specifically customised in our workshop in compliance with the HPE Packaging Guidelines (wooden packaging, palette and export packaging standards) and in accordance with your individual client request. Thus our packaging is specially prepared in advance for the demands that will be placed on it during transport and storage.

All packaging is selected and prepared in accordance with the national import regulations of the respective destination countries.

To be on the safe side, we offer the following to assure secure transport via air freight:

  • packaging that is tailored to your needs and specially manufactured
  • production of the crates with consideration for numerous key factors
  • processing according to the HPE Packaging Guidelines



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